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TravelJournal.net is designed to function anywhere in the world. From New York to the Sahara, from Shanghai to the Mongolian steppe.

Even if the internet is slower than your average postcard...

Travel Blogs Publish your stories

Compose a new Travel Journal

Publish Travel Journals

Keep your online travel journal and share your adventures with friends and family back home. Whether it is just a few lines or a thrilling account of your experiences, you can easily upload any story you want by just typing it in the intended field, followed by clicking on 'submit'. Adapt your text to bold or italic whenever you want.


Enliven your stories with so-called emoticons. Has a Thai beach shown you the meaning of life? Add a B-) to show your state of mind. Do you feel annoyed because of another rip-off by the umpteenth taxi-driver? Add a >:-( to let your frustation out by selecting it from the list left of the text field.

Travel blog with embedded pictures

Embed your uploaded pictures

Complete your stories by publishing some of your pictures in your journal entries. Simply select them from the list and add them on the spot you want. Every picture is linked to the photo album it was originally published in.

User comments on a Travel Journal

Allow guests to comment on your posts

Communicate with your friends and family by simply allowing them to reply directly to your travel stories.
Or, if you do not like comments, disallow them altogether.

Photos Share your pictures

Manage your pictures

Create multiple photo albums

A picture is worth a thousand words, so show people what you have seen! Share the best moments by publishing your pictures in clearly arranged photo albums. Add a description to each picture to clarify the image and attach your album to the world map.

Adapt your pictures to your liking

You can rotate and/or mirror your pictures to your liking. Your originals are retained, which can be downloaded anytime you are logged in.

128 MB free disk space

You get 128 MB disk space for free, which allows you to upload anywhere from 50 to 400 pictures, depending on your chosen camera settings.
Extra disk space is easily activated by selecting the amount of extra disk space for the determined period. Payment will take place through PayPal.

Globe Show your footsteps

Interactive worldmap

Mark your travel route on an interactive world map

View the world on screen! An interactive world map consisting of satellite data (thank you, NASA!) to which borders, capitals and major cities are added, allows you to visualize the route you have travelled. Simply pinpoint your location at the map to create a digital journey with your travel stories and photo albums attached to any waypoint you choose on the world map.

Refine your travel route by uploading your GPS logs

Why leave out any details? Give your friends and family an insight of the precise route taken and the distance travelled.
Visualise the exact steps and turns you have taken by simply uploading your GPS logs.

web facilities Enjoy the facilities of the web

Intuitive user interface

Having your own travel website is easy! You don't need to know any programming languages and you don't need additional software. TravelJournal.net works with an easy-to-use-interface, which allows everyone to have a fully functional website with all kind of features.

Secure Document Vault

Never lose copies of your important documents anymore

Don't be afraid of losing your paper copy of your passport, your emergency numbers etc. Secure all important documents and information by uploading copies in your secure document vault. Only you and your travel companions can view this information, which is protected by an extra password and SSL-technology.

Send E-Cards

Send your best pictures as e-card

Surprise your dear ones with a personalized e-card showing a picture from one of your albums. As e-cards can be made well in advance and sent on any day you choose, you will never be late for any occasion, even being somewhere in the jungle without a computer and internet at hand.

Give your travel companions his/her own account

Share the world and share the work! Create an account for all your travel companions, allowing them to publish stories and upload pictures of your shared journey on your website.

E-mail notification service

Make sure your friends are informed when you have published something new. Switch on the e-mail notification service and encourage your friends to subscribe. An e-mail will be send every time you publish new travel journals or pictures.

Personalize Personalize your website

Multiple color themes

Choose your own colour

Personalize your travel journal by choosing your own colour theme and header. Simply select a colour theme from the list to change the entire appearance of your website.

Detailed visitor statistics

View detailed statistics

Satisfy your curiosity by checking the visitor statistics. Colourful and detailed statistics will show the popularity of your website. Visiting details will be shown according to country and visiting moment.

Personal link page

Keep your own link page

Share your interests by publishing all kind of links you like. Whether it is a website of another traveller or a link to your former employee, you can add all links you want to your own link page. Links can be sorted into categories and information about the link can be added.

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