Privacy Policy

Privacy is an important issue for all of us. According to the Concise Oxford English Dictionary, privacy implies 'a state in which one is not observed or disturbed by others'. Of course I cannot guarantee that no one will read your logs or views your pictures. In fact, this is, I assume, exactly what you do want to happen. But it is my concern that no one sees more than you want him or her to see. And I will do my very best to make sure that no one will disturb you or intervenes in your personal privacy. Therefore I have included some articles in my Terms & Conditions to safeguard your personal details and privacy. Of course, the system is developed in such a way to safeguard your personal details and privacy as well.

Personal details

The only personal details that are required are your e-mail address and your country of origin.

I need e-mail addresses to identify my users and to send them a randomly created password. In case of any law breaking I will use this address to report the offender with the authorities. However, I will never sell or simply give this address to third parties and I will never send unsolicited mail myself. I reserve the right to use the address to send my users technical information, which is necessary to make sure the logs keep functioning. I hope all this makes clear that e-mail addresses will only be used when necessary, and not for moneymaking.

I require the provision of the country of origin of my users, just because I like to know where all you guys come from, nothing more, nothing less. Except for me, however, no one will be able to view this information. Obviously, this information will never be sold or simply given to third parties and I will never use it to send you unsolicited mail (which I will never do anyway).

In case of subscription to optional modules, PayPal will require personal details to handle the payment. I can in no way be held responsible for the way PayPal deals with this information and I am in no way able to influence the use of this information by PayPal. PayPal does provide me with a selection of details, namely the method of payment, currency, amount, VAT, first name and last name of customer, country of residence, moment of payment, e-mail address of customer used by PayPal and the IP-address of the computer from which the payment has been fulfilled. Dutch law requires me to keep this information. I will, however, never use this information, except for checking whether a payment has been made and to report any law breaking. Obviously, I will never sell or simply give this information to third parties.

In case of ordering goods that require delivery, a delivery address will be asked. Again, Dutch law requires me to keep this information. And again, I will never use this information, except - of course - to deliver the ordered goods and to report any law breaking. And obviously (do I need to say it again?), I will never sell or simply give this address to third parties.

Last but not least, I will keep the IP-addresses of the computers from which someone visits a site, just to keep up the statistics, which can be viewed on the individual sites. However, the IP-addresses will never be published nor will they be sold or given to third parties.


Cookies are small text files, which are saved on the hard disc or in the computers' memory. Cookies are used to remember personal settings and can never damage your computer or files in any way. I will use three different cookies, of which one is optional.

  1. You can choose to save your personal settings (username and password) when you log in to a site. When you do this, a cookie will be placed to save your log in information on that computer. Of course, if you don't click on this option, no cookie will be saved.
  2. A session cookie will be saved to make sure a visitor is recognized as such during a session. For example, you will be recognized as a visitor after you have logged in or when you have posted a reply. This cookie will be deleted as soon as you close the browser.
  3. 3. A cookie will be saved to indicate that a visitor is counted in the statistics. This cookie will also be deleted as soon as you close the browser.


Your security is my concern. I will do my very best to safeguard your personal privacy and to prevent unauthorized use of the system. Therefore, in case of misuse, or when misuse can reasonably be suspected I will be notified. I will gather some people to track down the misuse and the event will be meticulously examined.

If you did nothing wrong, you can rest assured, knowing that I will protect your interests.

However, if any possible evidence of violation of applicable laws, security regulations or unauthorized use is revealed, this evidence and any other related information, including identification information about the user, collected during monitoring will be provided to appropriate personnel or law enforcement officials for administrative or any other authorized action to subject the offender to criminal prosecution.

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